Founded in 2013, Krishna Tech, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “KTI”) is one of the nation’s leading providers of Technology and Workforce Solutions. Krishna Tech, Inc. (KTI) is a national staffing and recruiting firm specialized in IT staffing. We partner with leading companies to match in-demand talent with rewarding information technology positions. At Krishna Tech, Inc. (KTI), we understand the recruitment challenges for various IT positions and we are here to ease the process with our IT staffing services.

Staffing to fill major IT technology positions with top candidates is a challenge even for skilled recruiters. Increasingly, companies compete with one another to find, attract and hire top candidates, draining a company’s internal resources.

KTI is an agency with experience in IT staffing that can provide the required support, saving the business time, effort and reduce cost while providing access to a pool of available, pre-screened, and qualified talent.

High demand for technical talent has created a market where companies are competing for top candidates, struggling to balance the budget with salary and benefits to attract top candidates. A staffing partner with deep knowledge of your target market can help improve your competitive advantage and find the right offer for the right candidate, KTI is one of the best Staffing solution company.

Business agility often requires scaling technical talent on little notice to meet changing business needs, and it may not be cost-effective to hire regular full-time employees for a limited-time project. With an IT staffing agency like KTI, companies can expand their network of available candidates for full-time, contract to hire, temporary staffing, and consultant roles.

KTI understands the full life cycle of staffing augmentation from beginning to end of the assignment. Beginning with a job requisition (SOP requirements), we review the job description and requirements to confirm our complete understanding. We communicate with our clients to ensure a clear understanding of requirements as we anticipate the role responsibilities and our candidate’s concerns.  Ending with the job offer or end of an assignment, KTI provides exceptional support to both the Candidate and Prime/ Customer.