Established as a full-service Geographic Information System (GIS) consulting partner, Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. provides GIS products and services to federal, state, local, and private sector clients. Our corporate headquarter is located in Chantilly, VA with over 10 regional offices located in different states.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. understands that Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management are critical to project success by providing effective storage, management and distribution of valuable data.  Our GIS services team has a wide range of skills in the capturing, converting and sourcing of many types of data for use in the GIS mapping environment. We also have excellent skills in the design and creation of relational GIS mapping databases. Our data mapping specialists can advise on, design and implement relational GIS mapping databases as well as creating the necessary supporting metadata.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. GIS mapping services allow you to visualize and understand data, by identifying relationships, patterns and trends by providing a digital platform for viewing and processing layers of spatial information.  We offer a unique foundation of modeling, environmental and asset management experience from a wide range of industry sectors which enables us to provide quality solutions to our clients’ problems. This is supported by a proven track record of web and standalone GIS systems for differing operational landscapes and our ability to transfer expertise across sectors.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. continuously develops innovative tools to ensure effective project-specific applications.  We work with clients to meet their specific needs.  These tools analyses and relate complex data sets and provide a unique visual experience for clients.  Our experts support you during feasibility and constraints analysis, site selection, data collation and management as well as data interpretation and analysis, data conversion, integration and interoperability, and real-time monitoring.   Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. provides you with a range of products and services to serve your specific needs.  These may include Interactive WebGIS Solutions, document management systems or asset management systems. 

Our Total Quality Assurance experts work with a broad spectrum of data and seamlessly integrate these to provide clients with a coherent picture of their operations.  This includes survey data, monitoring data, modeling data, and data from third parties. Our GIS mapping and data management services provide consolidation of information and improved understanding of each data set and how it relates to other data within a spatial and temporal context.  We have strict quality assurance protocols and our systems and applications are developed using leading industry-standard GIS software with specialists that carry a breadth of expertise in capturing and extracting maximum value from your geospatial data and provide custom GIS solutions.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. provides GIS Services, GIS Remote Sensing services, GIS Mapping services and GIS Data conversions Services. Our GIS services allow for the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationships and efficient data management. GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization. We employ a staff of PMP certified Project Managers, Senior GIS Developers, GIS Application Developers, GIS Technicians, Database Administrators & Business Analysts. Our programming staff maintains expertise in the customization, deployment, and use of ESRI technology. Our technical staff is proficient in integrating applications using ESRI software with industry-standard technologies.

Service Offerings

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysis Support

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. provides mapping, modeling, and geospatial analysis in support of the firm’s many and varied environmental and planning studies and engineering projects. Our GIS group also offers its expert mapping and analysis services directly to its clients. We have successfully implemented diverse types of GIS projects from hydrologic modeling to industrial site selection analysis, and marine species distribution modeling to land use and zoning studies. For these projects, we draw on our wealth of in-house geographic information – including topographic data, land use and zoning, economic and census data, natural resources, addresses and property information, buildings, transportation features, aerial and satellite imagery, CAD drawings, and historic maps. We also specialize in three-dimensional computer modeling, visualization, shadow and solar studies. These services include:

  • GIS-based spatial analysis, including terrain analysis, land-use change analysis, hydrological modeling, network modeling and topological analysis
  • Analysis and capture of new GIS datasets from existing data; capture of new data sources using mobile GIS; creation of “value-added” datasets from existing GIS and database data sources;
  • Development of batch analysis tools (including ArcObjects, Visual Basic, MapBasic, and Python) to automate the processing of large and multiple spatial datasets and development of automated GIS and database analysis routines to streamline established workflows.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development Support

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has implemented enterprise GIS solutions to maintain up-to-date data, geospatial analysis, and accurate modeling right from establishing requirements, specifying and designing the application, implementation to operating and maintaining in GIS application development life cycle. Our workflow consists of the modules like requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment. We understand the problems from the grass-roots levels to deliver the solution. Our broad range of services includes Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Integration Application Migration, Web & Mobile GIS application development. We offer end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in common platforms (ESRI Suite products, Open source and so on) in the mentioned verticals.

  • Design, Development, and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  • GIS software development and enterprise integration
  • Development of spatial information systems and Enterprise GIS solutions
  • Web GIS development and customization using ArcGIS Server, MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, MS4W, Map fish, and MapNik etc. GIS Integration along with designing, development and maintenance of spatial database
  • Mobile GIS application solutions. Development of Location-Based Services (LBS)
  • Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development, Cross-platform migration
  • Systems Development Support

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has delivered complete GIS support including shape-file creation, application development, and support, GIS infrastructure design, installation and troubleshooting. Our consultants have experience in the full range of standard relational databases, programming languages, architecture designs, and ESRI GIS products and extensions enabling thorough knowledge and professional customer service to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

  • Asset management/maintenance support

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has knowledge and expertise in combining powerful ESRI ArcGIS-based mapping applications with an in-built and comprehensive Asset Management system that meets the needs of utilities looking for an integrated GIS Mapping solution. We offer flexibility and scalability to expand and grow with your work processes and seamless integration to grow with your business infrastructure. We will provide comprehensive GIS, GIS Mapping, and Asset Management services designed to access, organize, analyze and consolidate geographically-referenced data from multiple sources in different formats and locations and then merge them into a single, unified visual presentation.

  • ESRI ArcGIS-IBM Maximo Asset Management Support

Our IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management expertise unifies the full functionality of industry-leading GIS and asset and service management products in a thoroughly modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-a compliant architecture based on Java, XML and Web services. Built on the functionality of industry-leading ESRI ArcGIS Server, a particularly powerful spatially enabled enterprise asset management solution is now available-one that enables business managers to make better-informed decisions, increase operational efficiency, and raise productivity while improving service to customers.

  • Scientific Subject Matter Expert support

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has provided subject matter expertise to numerous projects and clients to date presenting innovative solutions for complex GIS related problems. We possess strong technical subject matter expertise and experience in ArcGIS, GeoProcessing tools, coordinate systems, database development and maintenance, ArcObjects and programming.

Our mission at Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. is to be responsive to all our clients’ GIS needs. We have a strategic partnership with other industry leaders and formed strategic alliances to provide clients with a wide range of expertise scaling numerous industries, enabling us to deliver timely, high quality, innovative GIS Services.