Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc.  is an established, proven, and vetted mature application software vendor (with over 30+ applications developed over the last 5 years), which will partner with the government agency to manage and support the application software lifecycle. We bring a successful history of supporting and maintaining government agencies’ existing legacy systems; at the same time plan and develop additional modules as and when needed in consultation with the IT department and business users of the agency on an ongoing basis.

For more than 5 years, Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. IT solutions have helped make our communities safer, our warfighters more effective, and government agencies and private businesses more productive. Leveraging the latest advancements in technology, Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has successfully executed 20+ projects for public and private sectors – from developing multi-million-dollar mission-critical applications used by federal agencies to designing and implementing cost-effective, robust state e-government portals.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. clients repeatedly rely on us to understand their problems and deliver software solutions on time and within budget. We design and support scalable systems that are used cooperatively by local, state, and federal agencies yet provide each stakeholder with an IT solution that fits their specific needs. Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. core areas of engagement include enterprise solutions, web services, geospatial technologies, cloud computing, open-source technology, clubbed with project management.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. developers use a forward-leaning agile development framework that puts product versions in the government customer’s hands quickly for evaluation and feedback. When we say we are an agile company, we refer to our company’s ability to sense and respond to change adequately and in due time. To us, being agile means constantly being adaptive to change. It constantly raises the question of what we can do better to succeed. Our framework stresses unit testing, iterative design and development cycles, and continual refactoring to the code. Our developers and technical project managers are ITIL Certified Professionals.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. helps in developing brand interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly applications from scratch to end or revamp your existing application with custom-tailored features, implementations, and integrations to deliver high-performance applications that promote improved interoperability, scalability, and flexibility with a more streamlined and automated approach.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. will deliver advanced applications to manage your internal business processes. We deliver the best application development services in:

  • Web Applications: Our developers will develop large and complex web applications that can work in all browsers and are fast, reliable, secure, and provide the best user experience to the client.
  • Mobile Applications: Our developers can either complement your web application with the best mobile experience or deliver it as a separate mobile solution with its back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js etc.).
  • Desktop Applications: Our developers will help in developing desktop applications that are OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) 
  • Real-time Applications: Our developer team can develop sensor data monitoring, advertisement, and recommendation engines, fraud and spam detection, highly-responsive web applications with millions of users and more.

Development Of Applications From Scratch

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. Developers will create detailed requirements at the initial phase of SDLC:

  • Phase 1: Discovery: Our developers will take time in understanding the requirement of our client and gather functional and operational requirements to develop applications as required.
  • Phase 2: Design & Prototyping: Our developers will decide on the most beneficial architecture and will proceed with high-level application design.
  • Phase 3: Development: Our developers will build the future applications according to the requirements mentioned by our client.
  • Phase 4: Testing: Our developers will run the application through comprehensive testing and will comply with all the requirements, our developers will also apply a high level of test automation whenever required.
  • Phase 5: Deployment/Launch: Our developers will integrate the new application developed into the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Phase 6: Support: Our developers will proceed with thorough post-release support, managing incidents, configuration amendments, and updates to ascertain smooth handover and relevance of the new application developed.

KTI’s Benefits of Application Development & Management Offered to Clients

  • We will help in reducing operating costs while maximizing efficiency: Achieve intelligent, efficient, and secure application development management with low TCO, using automation tools, cognitive assets and targeted security practices.
  • We will help in improving flexibility, feedback, and user experience:
  • We will develop new capabilities for legacy applications; wrap modern technology and approaches around existing applications.
  • We will help in delivering speed and growth: Increase speed and innovation of application development and reduce maintenance needs; allows for the full digital reinvention of applications to drive growth.